Frequently Asked Questions

Do you make all your jewellery?

I make all jewellery sold by Rustic Treasures. Except for findings such as clasps and jump rings used in chainmaille all pieces are handmade by me.

What is the jewellery made of?

All forged pieces are made of Sterling silver, brass and/or copper. All silver is solid Sterling silver. Chainmaille pieces are made of solid Sterling silver and/or gold filled - yellow and rose. See the FAQ for more detail on gold filled.

Why don't you make your own jump rings?

I do make some jump rings but for chainmaille the quality of the final product is dependant on the quality of the rings. To get rings that close with a minimal gap requires specialised cutting machines. After trying a large number of suppliers I have found only one supplier, based in USA, that consistently produces high quality jump rings.

What is gold filled?

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